• How It Started

    For many years I have lusted after my daddy. We are nudist and growing up and and I wanted his lovely cock in my mouth and cunt so much I would lay awake nights fingering myself dreaming of his cock fucking me. After I turned 18 I set about seducing my daddy. Making sure when he was in the room he had a clear view of my cunt and sometimes rubbing myself pretending he was not in the room. I know he watches me.. I know it turns him on cause he always goes to his room and I have caught him a few times stroking his big cock. I would quietly stand and watch as he pulled the skin back and the head of his cock all shiny and wet would apear then cover it again as he stroked it. I would pee my self with excitment watching him and then go to my room to make myself cum. I think he knew I was watching but never said anything. He is a wonderful gentle man.. He treats me like a princes. One night I left my door open while fingering my cunt and I heard a noise but kept my eyes shut. May be good to add that I live alone with daddy. He has never ever tried to molest me or force himself upon me.. Now at age 18 I am the one who needs attention.. I need him so bad to fuck me

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